Success can only be achieved, when having the support that will lead you in the right direction.

We offer different kind of services

Management / Counselling / Advice / Mentoring / Coaching / Advertisement & Promotion / Accounting and Finance Advice


We service businesses, organisations as well as individual careers and private individuals.

Our service is based on over 87 years of specialist knowledge since 1932.

Ever since it is our virtue to offer high quality and reliable service for a reasonable and competitive cost, which pays back in return, in the form of maximum sustainable productivity, the right motivation and skills to succeed and lowers expenses and increases profits for every individual career or business who seeks the support of service.

We offer the following service:


  • ​Personal Dedicated Career Management

For individual Actor, Model, Singer, Presenter, etc... to reach out for success, goals and achievement. We are the world-leading personal dedicated career managers. Our aim is to be not just a manager but a partner within your career that you can trust and count on at nearly every situation. We really care about you and your career.

  • Career Management 

For individuals in the Production, Finance, Education, Sales and Servicing Industry. To keep walking in the right direction and to keep up the success, we will be providing your care and management on an extra level.

  • Corporate Management

Administrating and Directing New and Existing Businesses to start-up and reach new grounds and level for expanding productivity and reach out goals. Where business needs the knowledge and support we come into play and provide the right management you need to buyout maximum productivity and reach business goals.

  • Operations Management

Ensure that all the parts of the production process come together to deliver the correct quality of the final product, by liaising and understanding all aspects of the production. We have helped many productions worldwide and different kinds to succeed. Our knowledge is based on over 87 years of knowledge. 

  • Project Management

The application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve. A project can only succeed when making the right plan and consider every single aspect and facet of pros and cons. We support your project and bring in our expertise.


  • ​Career Counselling 

Providing you advice and guidance in making complex decisions and facing difficult situations. We help you to make the right decisions and assess which directions and options you have available. 

  • Life Counselling

Providing advice and guidance to plan goals and take steps to realize those goals in order to make reasonable and vital life-changing decisions and know and understand personal limitations and delimitations. Life is the most important to everyone but is not always going the direction we expect it to be. Our service is the answer to your support and help to make changes and re-directions.

  • Health Counselling

Coaching on how to live a healthier and more productive life. Specialized for: Diabetes, Weight Problems, Anxieties, Disorders, Addictions, Stress and Energetical Issues. When health is not at its best, it is best to receive the help you need to cope and to calm your health in order to live a healthier life. We provide you with the needed counsel dedicated to your health issues.

Mentoring & Coaching

  • ​Employees 

Mentoring or coaching is about much more than just telling someone what to do — it requires working with employees to make decisions, solve problems and develop skills to create a safer work environment, move employees to work more sustainable and create a reliable team among employees. Counsel, Guide, and Instruct Employees in multiple directions and ways. It is vital to have employees work as a team and have a good customer relation. Employees need to suite into your business and we train to fit.

  • Management & Directors

The engine of every business is the management and the business directors. It is vital to allow instructions, guidance and counsel to flow into your skills to update routine and behaviour towards your business and business assignment. A Director is the heart of every business. It is vital to fit into a work pattern that harmonizes with the business goals and the employees. 

  • Entertainment Career 

We provide professional courses in the entertainment industry, for modelling and acting - to start a professional career and to enhance career activities by reaching new grounds in gaining vital extensive that allow a career to grow. As an entertainer, Model, Singer, Actor etc... your goals is to become known and famous. The more known you become the more work and higher wage you receive. We help you to achieve goals and success.

  • Students & Alumnus 

We provide you with personal dedicated guidance and advice that are designed to support your very own career path and to support reaching out goals that will allow you to achieve success. As a student, it is often vital to choose the right direction. As an alumnus, you need to make the right choice into what further direction you like to walk. We support you in making progress, right choices and reach your goals and success.

Advice & Consultancy

Advising you in fashion and style, know what to wear and what suits your look and person. Dress and grooming became nowadays at least the same important as health and hygiene, which is why we have created a service which is available to everyone. We go out and show you suburbia what to dress and what looks best on you. This included as well your hairstyle and accessories such as bags, shoes, glasses etc... Make more out of your self, become more confident and simply look good and in style.​We understand the Fashion Industry from 1932 inside out and provide you with our knowledge. 

  • Career

Assessing your potential and help you to decide what choice and steps to choose and undertake in order to make the right decision. We understand that have goals and ideas. We will assess your potential and steer you in the right direction.

  • Health & Life

Health and Life are most significant to every one of us, which makes it so important to know how to live a healthy life. With a dedicated analysis, we are able to provide you with dedicated advice and guidance designed for your personal needs. We understand your individual needs and provide you with the extra care and help that will give you the right support.

Advertisement, Promotion & Publishing

  • ​Entertainment & Fashion Industry 

We advertise your career and help you to achieve goals by becoming known and receive work, get booked or hired and expand your career. Models, Singers, Actors and many others who start or enjoy an existing career in the entertainment and fashion industry, benefit from our support of providing worldwide advertising and promotion of your career and activities which helps you to be seen, known and expand in multiple ways. We can create your advertisement material and provide worldwide distribution and publishing.

  • Fashion Designer

We have a dedicated support program which helps young as well as an experienced existing fashion designer to run and expand their career and business. We support the start-up and development of your own Brand / Label in multiple ways. We link your Brand/Label with buyers and promote it to generate sales to consumers and retailers. 

  • Sustainable Advertising & Promotion 

We provide worldwide to everyone tailor-made advertisement and promotion packages to reach-out, make services, products or events etc... known and support reach and growth of your business. We create affordable and competitive tailormade promotion and advertisement for your career/business.

  • Publishing

We publish your Music, Video, Film, Book or Publication worldwide and can handle the entire sales management for you and have a very wide global spread digital and physical.  You receive all Royalties and keep all ownership rights and receive 80% sales revenue.

Accounting & Finance Advice

  • ​Individual Careers

Accounting and Finances the heart of your career and only when in good hands it will not cost much to get it done with a maximum of success and trust to save your expenses and uplift your profits. We are looking after your tax and create reports will provide you with a hassle-free career. An accountant is a person of trust, we understand this as a privilege and work in your favour to help you reduce expenses and raise up profit.

  • ​Businesses

It is vital for every business to save costs and produce a maximum of profit out of every turnover. We are prepared and have the right knowledge to support your VAT, Tax and Payroll Accounting. We work with you transparently together, because it's about your finances and we know what it takes to provide professional and reliable accounting and finance service. It is important to deliver reports in time and to identify ways of reducing expenses and increase profits.

  • Management

  • Counselling

  • Mentoring

  • Coaching

  • Advice

  • Consultancy

  • Advertising

  • Promoting

  • Publishing

  • Accounting


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