Ursula (Ulla) Toussaint was born in Ersen Libenau, Germany



Elisabeth Grebe, the mother of Ursula Elisabeth Grebe, later known as Ursula Toussaint, was a helpful and support oriented person. Since birth, she was gifted with a kind and generous character.

Having faced life situations and many ups and downs during war times in Worldwar II and other situations in life, she realized that there is a desperate need to offer help, that helps to focus on goals and to transform goals into success.


With the help of dynamic assessment, it is possible to help a person achieve goals and buy out maximum productivity in reaching certain goals.


This characteristic has become a virtue that every since 87 years age marked the way the Ulla Toussaint 1932 business is providing its service to its clients.

In 2015 the Ulla Toussaint 1932 was continued by Ursula Elisabeth Toussaint Grandson Sascha Droeschel who is a well-skilled service provider in various Commercial Services such as Maintenance, Cleaning, etc... for many years, but who also gained knowledge in the Career Management and Counselling as well Coaching & Mentoring Service. Obtaining skills in the Business Administration & Management and Counselling and Mentoring industry, allowed him to continue the services that once Ursula Elisabeth Toussaint provides.

Once formed as Org. in 1947 Germany, it is now registered as Ltd. since 2019 in the United Kingdom.

The today established Ulla Toussaint 1932 Ltd. prides itself for offering a variety of services to businesses as well to individuals which are of help and support in various ways.

Choose the service that we provide, to receive professional help and support, based on skills and knowledge that we have developed and gained.

Inspired by Ursula Elisabeth Toussaint

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