We are offering the following Advice & Guidance Service

Our Advice & Guidance is based on knowledge of over 87 years

We have gained and developed our way of providing advice 7 guidance in many multiple ways and industries which makes it possible to cover up the entire industries such as:

  • Entertainment Industry

  • Production Industry

  • Retailing Industry 

  • Education Industry

  • Career Advice

  • Talent Advice

  • Success Advice

  • Life Mentoring

  • Career Mentoring

Just to mention some of the main industries that we offer advice and guidance to staff and employees but also to the individual person working within.

Furthermore, do we offer advice & guidance to individuals who are within an educational study or about to make a career decision, which starts from yearly as your teenage or within your adult lifetime?

Our aim to give you vital information, skills, knowledge and the right instruction so you reach our for maximum productivity and foremost reach out your goals.


  • Supporting Human Resources to employ the right candidates for specific roles.

For any enquiry, consultation or service hire, do not hesitate to come in contact

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Email: Support@UllaToussaint.com

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