We are offering the following Management Service

Personal Dedicated Career Management

  • Directing your career and looking after your career needs

  • Handling enquiries and bookings

  • Handling communication with agencies, agents and other businesses who hire and collaborate with you

  • Handling advertising and promotional work 

  • Looking out of ways of improvement in your career

  • Looking out for opportunities for you

  • Monitoring your activities to provide vital advice and guidance to help you perform always on a high level

  • Providing vital support to help you buyout maximum productivity and to help you reach out goals and transform them into success.

  • Handling your bookkeeping and accounting needs (no need to hire a third party accountant)

    • We offer these service to beginners and professional as well as V.I.P's in ​the entertainment industry such as,

      • Singer, Model, Actor, Dancer, Sportsperson, Entertainer & Presenter 

      • 25% charged on all jobs as reimbursement for the service you receive

      • No fees to sign with our management

Corporate Management

  • The process of leading, administrating and directing a company. Business tasks often performed by corporate management might include strategic planning, as well as managing company resources and applying them toward attaining the company's objectives.

    • We serve all kind of businesses, startups as well as running businesses that seek to reach new levels or a certain goal.​

Operations Management

  • The role of the Operations Manager is a position in any organisation or business and is there to ensure that all the parts of the production process come together to deliver the correct quality of the final product. By liaising and understanding all aspects of production, Operation Managers can oversee the quality of outputs.

Project Management

  • Planning and Defining Scope

  • Activity Planning and Sequencing

  • Resource Planning

  • Developing Schedules

  • Time Estimating

  • Cost Estimating

  • Developing a Budget

  • Documentation

  • Creating Charts and Schedules

  • Risk Analysis

  • Managing Risks and Issues

  • Monitoring and Reporting Progress

  • Team Leadership

  • Strategic Influencing

  • Business Partnering

  • Working with Vendors

  • Scalability, Interoperability and Portability Analysis

  • Controlling Quality

  • Benefits Realisation

Career Management

  • Planning

  • Goal assessment

  • Potential assessment

  • Directional Advice

  • Short and Longterm Career Support

  • Career Planning Assessment

  • Supporting Human Resources to employ the right candidates for specific roles.

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